Vote.ca organizes election and voting information around your location in Canada. Just type in your postal code and find where to vote, and who your candidates are, in one easy step.

Citizens find their key info. Candidates get out their supporters. Government promotes civic engagement and easy access to the vote. There's no registration or obligation.

In the 2011 federal election, vote.ca helped voters across Canada find where to vote by mapping voting place data from Elections Canada's Voter Information Service, and linked all candidates by location. In the 2010 and 2011 municipal elections in Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Ontario, vote.ca mapped advance voting places, and ward-specific voting places for advance and election-day voting, thanks to the open data initiatives of Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Vote.ca is a free voter's tool, and an open data project, organizing election data around your ward, riding or electoral district, the building blocks of our democracy. See also civic.ca, which sorts elected representatives and government services by location.

Your comments and suggestions to contact@vote.ca are really appreciated. Thank you!

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